Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Craftbot Flow XL 3D Printer

Craftbot Flow XL is a 3 dimensional printer which is usually used in component printing projects that require high detail and large size. This printer is equipped with a large wake up volume and can print components up to an accuracy of 50 microns. Then a mesh leveling system that can simplify the calibration process makes printed objects in high precision. Craftbot Flow XL has a nozzle that can heat objects up to a temperature of 300 ° C, the materials used are Polylactic Acid and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

One of the advantages of Craftbot Flow XL 3d printers is that they have a semi-automatic leveling system and a unique print bed. The printing bed is combined with tempered glass, kapton and metal so as to ensure maximum printing adhesion drainage. Then the top plate is made as flexible as possible so that the removal of the mold is easy. In general Craftbot Flow XL 3d printers have the following specifications: build volume (300x200x500 mm), filament size (1.75 mm), nozzle temperature (180-300 ° C), software (Craftware), color (White), print technology ( Fused Deposition Modeling), LCD screen, dual extruder (Single Extruder), extruder (Single Extruder), file transfer (USB / Wifi).

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