Thursday, April 8, 2021

Beasiswa Smart YBM BRI untuk Siswa SMA dan Mahasiswa


        Smart Scholarship merupakan salah satu program Yayasan Baitul Maal (YBM) BRI yang diselenggarakan hampir tiap tahun sebagai bentuk kontribusinya dalam bidang pendidikan dan diperuntukkan bagi para pelajar Indonesia baik lulusan SMA/sederajat maupun mahasiswa yang berada di tahun pertama. Adapun tujuan dari beasiswa tersebut beberapa diantaranya yaitu untuk menanamkan rasa cinta terhadap tanah air, menciptakan generasi yang berpendidikan disertai dengan budi pekerti yang baik, dan berkesempatan mengikuti program Awardee Smart Scholarship dan Awardee Bright Scholarship. Disamping itu, pemberian beasiswa tidak hanya dalam bentuk uang ataupun bantuan biaya pendidikan saja, tetapi juga beberapa pembinaan diberikan secara berkala, sehingga dapat mencetak generasi muda yang unggul dan berkarakter. 

        Beasiswa ini hanya dikhususkan untuk PTN mitra YBM BRI dengan Universitas mitra yang dibagi menjadi dua bagian yaitu untuk Awardee Putra dan Awardee Putri. Dibawah ini merupakan universitas mitra yang terdapat dikedua-duanya :

1.      Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

2.      Universitas Lampung (UNILA)

3.      Universitas Tanjungpura (UNTAN)

4.      Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD)

5.      Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

6.      Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR)

7.      Universitas Mataram (UNRAM)

8.      Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM)

9.      Universitas Negeri Gorontalo (UNG)

10.  Universitas Sam Ratulangi (UNSRAT)

11.  IAIN Fattahul Muluk


Terdapat juga persyaratan umum Smart Scholarship yaitu :

1.      Merupakan Warga Negara Indonesia (WNI)

2.      Beragama Islam

3.      Merupakan mahasiswa/i aktif dan berada di tahun pertama universitas mitra, sedangkan untuk lulusan SMA/sederajat merupakan siswa/i aktif kelas XI dengan syarat berakreditas minimal B

4.      Memiliki akademik yang baik dan memiliki motivasi untuk berprestasi

5.      Memiliki keterbatasan finansial

6.      Dalam 1 KK hanya 1 awardee

7.      Tidak sedang menerima beasiswa lain


Adapun cakupan beasiswa ini yang terdiri dari :

1.      Uang tunai sebesar Rp250.000/bulan untuk siswa SMA/sederajat sedangkan untuk tingkat mahasiswa sebesar Rp500.000/bulan

2.      Pemberian pembinaan oleh lembaga

3.      Pemberian atribut kepada awardee yang lolos tahap seleksi

4.      Berkesempatan mengikuti seleksi Awardee Smart Sholarship PT dan Seleksi Afirmasi Bright

Deadline : 18 April 2021

Bagi kalian yang tertarik untuk mengikuti beasiswa ini, segera cek info selengkapnya di situs resmi YBM BRI dan daftarkan diri melalui link Pendaftaran Smart Scholarship

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Drills MD6310


        Drills MD6310 is a Caterpillar machine with a superior engine in the form of the C32 which has a speed of up to 1,800 rpm. This type of machine is very devoted to focus on the core accurate to the center with the support of a combination of 100% original Cat features plus integrated technology so that the patterns formed are very accurate and of course you will get even better results even counting up to 4 times the result. usually. The MD6310 also offers the convenience and speed of solving various problems you will encounter using an Electronic Cat Technician (Cat ET). In addition, there are other features included in the electric MD6310 that help solve problems, namely a common platform that serves as an autonomous solution with a certain number of integrations in the future. In addition, the MD6310 offers advanced technology in the form of drill assistance, reports on machine safety and health for very thorough preparation, as well as autonomous features that function to optimize drilling results. 

        The more complete details of the MD6310 specification are that it has a bit load that reaches 42419 kg and a hole diameter of around 203-311 mm. In addition, there is also the precision performance offered through the latest Cat blowhole drills which can select the level of automation so that the material to be drilled is at the exact point and as desired so that of course this affects costs and profits. Because of this, the costs incurred will be lower, while the resulting profitability will be higher. Moreover, it is equipped with proven and controllable Cat tools and a design that is as well known as any other Caterpillar drill. In addition, the MD6310 electronics paint has also been well-known in the world of technicians because of its advantages, one of which is that it can minimize misuse of this tool. 

        Another advantage also lies in the efficient system of the powertrain which has an electronic control strategy in the application process while working and in controlling fuel consumption to suit the use of this tool. With this powertrain, it can also allow drillers to use the air control feature with variable volume so that the compressor that is issued can match certain applications according to the drill tools needed. The improved engine power on the MD6310 is carried out by the powertrain so that harsh drilling applications can still be carried out, of course, with the help of high power from the compressor in a short cycle time so it is considered more efficient. In addition, the MD6310 crawler was fitted with blast hole drills to achieve the predicted drilling size.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Large Dozers D9


        Various types of dozers have been issued by Caterpillar and all of them are fully integrated as one of its types, namely the Large Dozers D9 which is designed with 100% Cat components so that it greatly supports more productive dozers because of its high readiness. This smart dozer also consists of a variety of application specific blades so it can be used in a variety of job sites with unmatched reliability, and the D9 dozer has the ability to move large amounts of material while still being cost effective. In addition, there are also other advantages of this tool, namely that it is designed at an affordable price but productivity is applied in all applications, can last a long time, takes advantage of various advanced technologies available, makes it easy to carry out maintenance and repairs, and creates safety and comfort for the device. operator to stay awake.

        As for the stator clutch torque converter which helps in increasing fuel efficiency by up to 5%, then there is also an overall cost that can be saved by around 3%, and maintenance and repair costs that are very efficient and up to 4% lower. In the process of improving performance and efficiency, apart from using a torque converter, there are also other features such as bogie suspension which plays a role in increasing the production volume with less slippage because it contains higher traction inside, and there is also differential steering which allows the tool to maneuver more. smoother and faster. This smooth maneuverability is evident when large blade loads can move even when turning even with smooth movements, and in tight turns even at high speeds and productivity. In addition, changing the speed and direction of the D9 uses APECS to keep it smooth, coupled with a planetary powershift transmission control.

        Operator safety is also guaranteed because D9 also has a special design to increase operator safety and comfort while working. Some of them are implementing 360 vision, a spacious cabin equipped with new seats, a front hinged cabin door so that cabin access is easier and more efficient, fluid levels can be monitored at any time, a secondary engine that can be turned off automatically, low shock and impact loads due to the presence of absorption from the available undercarriage, and so on. Other features that support high productivity include offering 41 language features on the plane, a larger display of information that makes it easier for operators to see it clearly, and a touch screen available in various HD colors. So that even in various working conditions the operator can still drive the D9 very smoothly.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Medium Dozers D6 XE


        The electric drive dozer, known for its high level of propulsion and the first to appear in the world, comes from a Caterpillar product called the Medium Dozers D6 XE which is designed with various advanced technology features that are able to work optimally. Even the features in it are well known to be superior in the industrial world so that they can produce high productivity with efficient fuel and low service costs. Moreover, this machine has been tested and proven to increase productivity without any negative effects, on the contrary, although it requires a harder performance but can save fuel by 35%, saving maintenance costs up to 12% because it contains spare parts that do not move too much. , and there are two types of Cat Grade technology that do the most work with slope assist and 3D. In addition, its maneuverability makes this tool able to work more efficiently and be at the forefront of its circles. 

        There is an unexpected technology choice, of which the two technologies have been mentioned above, namely Cat Grade technology with Slope Assist which does not require additional enhancements to maintain a predetermined blade position, in contrast to Cat Grade technology with 3D which requires GPS for plans to be designed. faster with more precise blade control. There is also another technology called Attachment Ready Option (ARO) which makes it easier for the operator to level or control the blade system because in this ARO there is a main sensor that can carry out its duties with attached cables. In addition, so that work can run smoothly when the operator is working on a slope, the D6 XE provides a slope indicate feature that can display the slope of the cross both from the front and back, is also supported by an interface feature that provides a 10-inch touch screen making it easier for operators to use it. 

        Behind the completeness of its features, this type of dozer is also designed with the latest LGP VPAT which provides a ground pressure of around 35 kPa without using a rear attachment so that the balance of the tractor will be obtained accompanied by optimal leveling. The VPAT not only produces high productivity but is also very leading in its class because it can function in all activities, especially when facing the process of landfilling or excavation. The undercarriage option is offered, namely 10 new rollers that are able to withstand a variety of difficult obstacles even at high speeds on smoother grades, as when on a surface full of sand and gravel. In addition, in providing comfort to the operator, it is also provided with a viscous cab mount for very low vibration, spacious cabin space, and the ease of adjusting the speed with the thumb wheel that is released on the steering control.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Medium Dozers D8T


        The Medium Dozers D8T is one of Caterpillar's production machines that has full speed with a 4 transmission so that it can increase productivity without wasting fuel, especially when it is supported by advanced technologies such as GRADE technology which makes it easier for operators to increase productivity efficiently and optimally, even upgrades can be made up to 18 %. Reaching 18% is also assisted by the cooperation of steering performance and a wider blade capacity so that it can do more work even in a few tracks. Although productivity increases, the fuel economy will actually save 11% because of its lower application, so that the operator is more calm, especially when moving a lot of material. In addition, its very easy operation makes this tool suitable for use regardless of operator experience as the speed of motion that can be selected by the operator which is then managed by the tractor automatically so that it can produce maximum power efficiently.

        The advantages of integrated technology in the form of Cat Grade used on the D8T are designed with 3D options that not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also increase accuracy with reduced operator input by up to 80% especially when supported by other features such as Automatic Ripper Control, Auto. Blade Assist, and AutoCarryTM. Even without using a GPS signal, this technology is able to automatically maintain the position of the blade to remain the same as previously set thanks to the assistance of Slope Assist TM. Then when viewed from the financial side it will also be more efficient because this technology can help reduce labor costs and in checking the leveling will also be less frequent, but safety will still be guaranteed. In addition, the D8T dozer offers remote controlled operations that can be carried out through the operator's station for better control of performance. 

        The launch of the D8T Dozer was produced in the long run because it was designed with a sturdy structure and long-lasting components. Moreover, it is equipped with two types of undercarriage in the form of an HDXL undercarriage which can withstand high abrasion conditions with a longer wear life so that it can last up to 25% longer. Meanwhile, additional advantages can be obtained through the exclusive Elevated Sprocket undercarriage which can provide balance to the machine in a variety of conditions and provide ease of service on the D8T. Besides that, its maximum performance and long-lasting use make this tool applicable for landfill, stockpiling, and transfer station applications. In addition, the D8T also offers guaranteed safety features such as an operator presence detection system, reduced trip by electronic fluid level verification, a camera that is very well installed so that the operator's visibility of the surrounding machine can be seen clearly, and so on.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Landfill Compactors 816K


        Landfill Compactors 816K is one type of heavy equipment that operates in landfills with the support of integrated technology in it and has proven its superiority. These 816K compactors are issued by a well-known company that has been around for more than 45 years and has been very trusted because it has helped the industrial world to develop and develop. As usual, products from Caterpillar always use engines that meet emission standards, such as the 816K which provides two engine options equivalent to Tier 4 Final / Stage IV depending on product purchases with the use of a Cat C7.1 engine. The innovative engine is designed with the aim of maximum fuel savings, excellent air management, as an aftertreatment solution, and also to play a role in increasing power density. The fuel saving process is carried out by the fuel injection system which is able to control fuel consumption through the presence of micro bursts carefully so that it not only produces efficient fuel but also clean fuel.

        There is also a unique design for the compactor 816K, which is a robotic welding that is performed so that the compactor can last and operate optimally even in the toughest conditions. Then the steering cylinder is installed so that steering loads can be transferred to the frame automatically in the face of heavy duty. Then in the face of torsional shocks, a cross-sectional rear frame is applied so that it can withstand it. So that overall these designs are carried out so that the tool has a long enough durability to use and remains safe. In addition, there is an Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) which uses integrated electronic controls to make smooth and anti-obstacle shifting. In addition, on the 861K there is a decelerator pedal which functions as a transmission neutralizer and can reduce speed by activating the throttle lock. available without having to press a button.

            Improved operator comfort is also carried out in various ways, such as the Integrated Steering and Transmission Control System (STICTM) which makes it easier to integrate the transmission and steering control functions through just one lever, making it more efficient. The load sensing system can control the tool when it operates very accurately so that the operator will be more confident in operating it. Operator confidence will also last even in tight areas as the 816K has a variable displacement piston pump which is very easy to maneuver due to accurate positioning. Besides that, there is a spacious cab that provides comfort on the storage tray on the floor and there is also a pressurized cab for lower sound levels so as not to disturb the operator while working. In addition, it is also equipped with the Cat Comfort Series III Seat which is very comfortable with a contoured thickness and a six-way adjustment so the operator can move more freely, as well as a pod implement attachment to the STIC steering wheel.

Monday, March 29, 2021

CCS9 Combination Asphalt Compactor


        Contractors around the world are no doubt familiar with Caterpillar products, which have always left behind reliability, comfort, easy maintenance and durability in every product they launch. As in the CCS9 Combination Asphalt Compactor which also has these characteristics and of course, supported by advanced features and technology in it. The engine used by this type of compactor is a Cat C4.4 engine that meets emission standards with the help of ACERT technology. The combination of this engine and technology can result in the stability of the power released, cleanliness of the resulting combustion, and increase work efficiency without causing excessive noise and of course with the use of optimal and economical fuel. This saving fuel can be created because of the good application of the eco mode on the CCS9, as one of its capabilities can lower engine rpm under certain conditions and this eco mode can be set to turn off the engine within a period specified by the operator.

        This type of machine is a machine that combines a smooth front drum compactor with a smooth rear tire supported by a vibration of 9 metric tons. The two compactors from this combination are derived from soil compactors and compactors that are similar to pneumatics. In addition, there is also a performance monitoring feature that supports a bright background display, making it easier for the operator to see the CCS9 operating conditions such as the temperature when the tool is operating, then the amount of fuel that has been released, to machine diagnostics. Another system that functions to maintain stable performance on the asphalt so that it is always good is the water spray system by keeping the moisture in the drum and tire area wet. In addition, quality compaction is equally important for good performance and is supported by an automatic speed control that can activate the push lever in a fuller direction so that compaction uniformity is maintained. 

        The CCS9 has a specific tank capacity located on the drum and wheels, which each capacity is 400 L for the water tank and 18 L for the spray tank. The existence of a predetermined capacity is able to provide a comfortable operation, especially coupled with a double pump whose direction of motion changes so that the service life of the tool will be more optimal. In supporting this convenience, there is also a freeze protection kit to keep the engine safe when entering cold climates even when not in use. There are several optimize compaction that simplifies the compaction adjustment process, namely by adjusting the hand wheel by adjusting the single frequency vibration system in dealing with various types of mixtures and lifting thickness so that the frequency obtained is five amplitudes. Apart from the advantages already described, this tool is also recommended because it has the best life-time value and excellent industry leading water spray system.