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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6030

Are you looking for a digging tool that is reliable, effective and efficient? Shovlels 6030 is the answer. The Shovlels 6030 is a machine made by the CAT Company with the features and reliability to work efficiently. This series has an engine output of 1620 HP and an operating weight of 324 tons. This support provides longer engine power with lower fuel consumption. Shovlels 6030 has guaranteed quality and has been proven by many mining companies in various countries. We are sure that this tool is able to answer all your project commitments.

Shovlels 6030 is designed to last longer with reduced maintenance time. Equipment condition and health monitoring can be detected quickly and accurately through CAT technology. Every operator is really spoiled with various CAT technologies so they can get a longer working time. From the steering system, there is an option to choose the most suitable drive system for operation, this is supported by the Cat C27 two-engine diesel system which provides greater mobility, then there is also a single motor electric drive. The C27 engine used in the 6030 series is certified and meets US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The efficiency of the Shovlels 6030 is supported by an electric driver system that allows no need for refueling, thus providing a lower cost per tonne. Maximum productivity is supported by the TriPower which provides superior leverage and mechanical control. Faster cycle support, increased lift, automatic constant bucket angle thanks to a unique boom design on the hydraulic shovel. The boom cylinder is intentionally designed on a small diameter for good lifting speed. To prevent material spills back into the operator's cab, there is an automatic black roll limit that can place the bucket in a safe position and maximum height.

        As with other CAT machines, the Shovlels 6030 series is also equipped with a myriad of safety features that can put the operator in a comfortable and safe position. Armored windshields are used to protect the operator from material spills, safety switches on the operator's seat, operator seat height at 6.5 m (21 ft 4 in) extending views, and various other safety features.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6015B

Is one of the heavy equipment produced by the CAT Company, this tool can work in mining projects to move a variety of mining materials quickly and more. The 6015B is powered by an 813 HP engine with an operating weight of 154.3 tonnes. Thanks to the best-in-class engine it is capable of 15% more productivity. The large hauling capacity can also work on a wide spectrum of heavy construction, such as quarrying and aggregates, and demolition. In addition, the CAT 6015B also provides approximately 20% fuel efficiency compared to its current competitors, thereby cutting fuel costs into productivity. The 6015B is also equipped with an 8.1 m3 (10.6 yd3) bucket providing faster cycle times and greater load per bucket.

The Cat 6015B engine uses 100ton hydraulic shovels for more power, reliability and good service life. The Cat 6015B engine technology is designed for the emission efficiency of diesel engines, featuring a revolutionary engine concept that burns fuel more precisely than ever. Provides a lower combustion temperature extends engine life, is more power-intensive, and provides optimal performance under a variety of conditions. To support machine maintenance, you can come to the nearest CAT dealer, we have skilled and trained technicians who are able to diagnose precisely any problem you experience. They understand Cat engines both inside and out.

In terms of structure, the CAT 6015B is equipped with a modified HEX version of the cabin. This is evident in hundreds of thousands of hours of excavation around the world. You can truly fulfill your commitment with this tool. To support operator safety, the CAT 6015B is also equipped with various features that support security, such as large and wide windows for good visibility, wide windshields, track views from the lower front window, and upper glass windows that can be opened for ventilation. To support work at night, the CAT 6015B is also equipped with LED lights in several parts. The operator seat is also equipped with a seat belt and a comfortable support system. To make navigation easier, there is also a color touch screen that can simplify the operator interface, with just a touch of a finger, the operator can monitor the condition of the tool quickly.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Draglines 8200


        The innovative technology that is always used by Caterpillar products is of course proven quality and proven to have a profound impact on increasing productivity. Such an innovative technology is designed in one of its products, namely the Dragline 8200 which is low cost but has a strong return on investment. Although the capital is minimal when compared to other, larger draglines, this machine has a unique combination due to the mutually supporting combination of technology, size and longer operating life, where the length of the boom is up to 100 m with a working weight of about 3. 8-4.1 million kg. Of course, these specifications have been adjusted to the engine design which uses the IGBT AC electric drive system which has been experienced for decades and has been used by approximately 200 heavy equipment in various countries.

        As for the use of a DC machine which has many advantages, namely that it can show the availability of electricity accurately 95% of the time, does not make the mining network a consideration in designing the filter or the structural robustness of the dragline 8200, and has full power of approximately 10% of the voltage used continuously, the power is reduced by -10% to -30%. However, if viewed in terms of efficiency, the AC engine is 92% superior because it is equipped with components that are durable than a DC machine whose work efficiency percentage is 88%. However, during the lifetime of this machine, fuel savings can still be made of around 10%. Besides that, the maintenance is simple and cheap, of course, is one of the things that prospective buyers expect. The ease of maintenance lies in the longevity of the motor brush and generator so that it does not need to be replaced in a short time, then there is no need for frequent maintenance of the IGBT power control module, to reduce motor maintenance by replacing it through lubrication and bearing changes to around 30,000 hours. 

        Apart from those mentioned above, there is also a motion control (MRC) control which not only incorporates AC, DC technology, but also incorporates AFE (Active Front Ends) technology. AFE serves as a rectifier that helps the process of changing AC power to DC. In this MRC there is also a cabinet that provides the possibility to maximize cable routing, there is also a transportation sector which is the source of the electric power used and as the main control in overcoming temperature stability and reducing roughness in the face of strong shocks. In addition, the operator's cabin is also as always the leading visibility in the industry because it greatly affects the performance results of each machine, including the 8200 dragline, from clear visibility, double doors, as well as the three-seat offering provided to the operator. coach, and security guard. In addition, the electrical equipment provided also greatly supports the optimization of the 8200's performance, such as the operator interface control that applies 24 volts, dual cables that can stop the machine when in an emergency, and locks to prevent high voltages from disrupting the activity of this tool.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Electric Rope Shovels 7495 with Rope Crowd


        Electric Rope Shovels 7495 with Rope Crowd is a tool that contributes to increasing productivity in the mining world by adding the status quo so that the electric shovels that are built will be more challenged to be better among them. There are several bases that support the advantages of this machine, namely more perfect maneuverability, reliable consistency, and longer component life. In an effort to extend the life of these components, rollers are installed on the straddle so that component wear can also be increased simultaneously. There are also crawlers on this type of electric rope shovels that have been tested in increasing mobility so that later the digging will be easier and deeper. In addition, the bottom rollers on the 7495 are designed with features to withstand the single point ground reactions that would occur in the event of unevenness on the pit floor.

        The function of this type of electric rope shovel is the same as the electric shovel in general which is in charge of removing ore and coating in the work area. But the difference lies in the features that support it and the specifications of this 7495, where this type of shovels has a working weight of up to 3056000 lb with a timba capacity of around 30.6 to 62.7 m3. With these various supports, not only productivity can be increased but also along with an increase in profitability This performance increase is also assisted by a comfortable design for the operator, starting from the spacious cabin, low vibration, installing isolators under the cab that can extends stability in the engine room, until the new Hall Effect is ergonomically easy to use with just a touch of a finger on spring tension. 

        The safety of the 7495 electric rope shovels with rope crowd also does not need to be doubted, because besides the sophisticated cabin, this type is also designed with double doors that make it easy to get out of the room, especially in case of an emergency such as a collapse and so on, the operator can exit the cab very quickly through the double doors. So that safety is also a priority in the design of this machine, as in other efforts such as an increase in the operator's line of sight which is directly directed to the five overhead monitors so that it is more efficient, and these things also minimize the occurrence of accidents during an emergency or not. Other reliability is also found in the heavy duty refrigerator which is able to withstand the vibrations of the shovel from being excessive and even very low, while to reduce noise is carried out by a special cabinet whose main task is to eliminate the sound generated when this machine is moving.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Drills MD6200


        The maneuverability of each particular type of drills is different and the best among them is falling on one of the caterpillar products with the Drills MD6200 type. This type of drills is the smallest drill bit with the smallest envelope, however, it is precisely the smallest envelope that makes this tool work faster so it takes less time, especially in accessing the drill pattern and when moving from one hole to another. The smallest shipping envelope can also facilitate the transport process by a pole that has been installed at that location. In addition, in an effort to improve stability and durability these drills are also supported by the Cat 336 excavator type undercarriage because of its superiority in performing the best even in the toughest conditions, coupled with the traction force that this machine can generate, as well as having the best drawbar draw that is not can be defeated.

        The electronic control strategy contained in the MD6200 can reduce fuel consumption in addition to its maximum performance. Another benefit is that it can help adjust the compressor to hydraulics by reducing engine rpm from 1800 to 700 with Tier 2 and 4 type engines which are also accompanied by adjustments to variable volume air controls to suit the application and of course also adjusted to the request of one of the compressors. and hydraulics, so it can indirectly increase the performance efficiency of this machine. There are also other offerings from this machine in the form of drill assistance and terrain paints. This assistance can be in the form of an automatic drill, automatic jack, and automatic leveling found in drill assist, then there is also assistance in the form of drill depth measurement that can help overcome advantages or disadvantages when drilling. In addition, there is a health and performance monitoring feature so that you can ensure that work is running smoothly.

        The cabin offered by the MD6200 also really supports the operator's comfort while working, moreover, this operator's seat has been upgraded as a heated and ventilated seat with ergonomic controls so as to keep the operator from excessive and prolonged fatigue due to the cabin conditions that make the operator comfortable at all times. Behind the comfortable cabin there is also a multifunctional joystick control accompanied by an intuitive touch layer that makes it easier for the operator to control through the three available cameras and safety will be maintained. The rest of the control is done by proven paint electronics because there is a platform that is capable of being the most automotive solutions in the future. In addition, operators will also get other conveniences on this MD6200 in the form of ease of troubleshooting and monitor performance, because it also includes Product Link Elite which is tasked with tracking performance over time.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Draglines 8000


        Caterpillar has long been a leader in heavy equipment production in the mining world, so it is highly trusted to increase productivity in the industrial sector and even globally, due to its unmatched machine advantages. One of its products is in the form of 8000 draglines which have been produced by more than 1,000 and are well known in various countries in the world. In this type of draglines, several mechanical upgrades are carried out on some of the features in it, namely a boom that ends with the aim of the value of the Suspended Load (RSL), dumping with a certain height, a better operating radius, and the resulting maximum excavation depth. The main structure needs to be repaired so that it can be repaired, while to improve performance it is necessary to re-establish the components contained therein. All these improvements are present as a solution in increasing productivity, as well as a form of service to customers in ensuring that dragline investment is proven to be able to increase profitability with high product quality.

        As for the specifications of the dragline 8000, the bucket capability reaches 24-34 m3 and the available boom length options start from 75-101 m. Both of these specifications are very supportive in improving performance, especially when the process of moving large amounts of material can be done in a shorter time. In addition, the dragline 8000 contains features that are very environmentally friendly, especially in removing the cover layer, so that the required power is lower, the noise is minimal, the engine is not too hot even though it is often used for a longer time, even the greenhouse gases that are lower output when compared to other draglines whose features are not environmentally friendly. Besides being supported by an environmentally friendly engine, in producing optimal productivity the 8000 draglines are also supported by their working weights ranging from 1,770,000 to 1,988,000 kg and their RSL capability of around 71,000 to 102,100 kg.

         There will also be training provided by professional trainers who have been very experienced for years to train operators in applying any changes to the operating aspects and because the 8000 draglines use the latest technology, training support is provided maximally. Apart from that, the leading OEM turn-key parts solution is also offered by the dragline 8000, caterpillar is even used as the source of the relocation solution due to the proven reliability improvement after relocation. It is undeniable that this machine also provides a very broad institutional knowledge of the old and new dragline types. In addition, this machine does not only do mechanical upgrades, but also electrical upgrades, some of which are increased security and availability made on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), then there is also an increase in AC & DC performance, so that increasing reliability in remote monitoring is easier, especially in terms of diagnostics.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Drills MD6310


        Drills MD6310 is a Caterpillar machine with a superior engine in the form of the C32 which has a speed of up to 1,800 rpm. This type of machine is very devoted to focus on the core accurate to the center with the support of a combination of 100% original Cat features plus integrated technology so that the patterns formed are very accurate and of course you will get even better results even counting up to 4 times the result. usually. The MD6310 also offers the convenience and speed of solving various problems you will encounter using an Electronic Cat Technician (Cat ET). In addition, there are other features included in the electric MD6310 that help solve problems, namely a common platform that serves as an autonomous solution with a certain number of integrations in the future. In addition, the MD6310 offers advanced technology in the form of drill assistance, reports on machine safety and health for very thorough preparation, as well as autonomous features that function to optimize drilling results. 

        The more complete details of the MD6310 specification are that it has a bit load that reaches 42419 kg and a hole diameter of around 203-311 mm. In addition, there is also the precision performance offered through the latest Cat blowhole drills which can select the level of automation so that the material to be drilled is at the exact point and as desired so that of course this affects costs and profits. Because of this, the costs incurred will be lower, while the resulting profitability will be higher. Moreover, it is equipped with proven and controllable Cat tools and a design that is as well known as any other Caterpillar drill. In addition, the MD6310 electronics paint has also been well-known in the world of technicians because of its advantages, one of which is that it can minimize misuse of this tool. 

        Another advantage also lies in the efficient system of the powertrain which has an electronic control strategy in the application process while working and in controlling fuel consumption to suit the use of this tool. With this powertrain, it can also allow drillers to use the air control feature with variable volume so that the compressor that is issued can match certain applications according to the drill tools needed. The improved engine power on the MD6310 is carried out by the powertrain so that harsh drilling applications can still be carried out, of course, with the help of high power from the compressor in a short cycle time so it is considered more efficient. In addition, the MD6310 crawler was fitted with blast hole drills to achieve the predicted drilling size.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Large Dozers D9


        Various types of dozers have been issued by Caterpillar and all of them are fully integrated as one of its types, namely the Large Dozers D9 which is designed with 100% Cat components so that it greatly supports more productive dozers because of its high readiness. This smart dozer also consists of a variety of application specific blades so it can be used in a variety of job sites with unmatched reliability, and the D9 dozer has the ability to move large amounts of material while still being cost effective. In addition, there are also other advantages of this tool, namely that it is designed at an affordable price but productivity is applied in all applications, can last a long time, takes advantage of various advanced technologies available, makes it easy to carry out maintenance and repairs, and creates safety and comfort for the device. operator to stay awake.

        As for the stator clutch torque converter which helps in increasing fuel efficiency by up to 5%, then there is also an overall cost that can be saved by around 3%, and maintenance and repair costs that are very efficient and up to 4% lower. In the process of improving performance and efficiency, apart from using a torque converter, there are also other features such as bogie suspension which plays a role in increasing the production volume with less slippage because it contains higher traction inside, and there is also differential steering which allows the tool to maneuver more. smoother and faster. This smooth maneuverability is evident when large blade loads can move even when turning even with smooth movements, and in tight turns even at high speeds and productivity. In addition, changing the speed and direction of the D9 uses APECS to keep it smooth, coupled with a planetary powershift transmission control.

        Operator safety is also guaranteed because D9 also has a special design to increase operator safety and comfort while working. Some of them are implementing 360 vision, a spacious cabin equipped with new seats, a front hinged cabin door so that cabin access is easier and more efficient, fluid levels can be monitored at any time, a secondary engine that can be turned off automatically, low shock and impact loads due to the presence of absorption from the available undercarriage, and so on. Other features that support high productivity include offering 41 language features on the plane, a larger display of information that makes it easier for operators to see it clearly, and a touch screen available in various HD colors. So that even in various working conditions the operator can still drive the D9 very smoothly.