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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part III

Hammer Crusher
In completing certain projects, especially a project engaged in mining and industry will certainly not be separated from its need for crushing tools. However, not all crushers have the ability to destroy hard material due to the role of each different type of crusher. However, some crushers have such capabilities, one of which is Hammer Crusher which is capable of destroying even hard materials, with rotor speed support that reaches 1200 r/min making hammer crusher is classified as effective and efficient in addition to weak abrasion.

Hammer Crusher PC 400x300 model has a capacity of up to 5-8 t/h and compression strength during the material destruction process that should not be more than 100Mpa and the percentage of water content is less than 15%. Some of the materials that can be destroyed by Hammer Crusher include gypsum, coal, limestone, shards of wood, and so on. The destroyer also features a large range of demolition ratio products and damaged places in lieu of traditional two to three-stage disburses. Like some other destroyers, it is also very friendly to repairs and operating costs.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher
GPY series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a product designed with a combination of high capacity and laminate. This destroyer is designed by advanced Japanese technology so that it is able to work efficiently and can save energy during operation. The optimization of the crushing cavity results in the uniformity of the granularity of the product and the greater destruction ratio is characteristic of this tool. In addition, the robustness of its structure makes it able to operate in the long term and is equipped with the sophistication of overload protection sisterm so that there is no need to worry about destroying even the most difficult materials.

The high level of automation and speed of understanding of the operator when going into operation is able to minimize failures that occur while operating. In addition, its simplicity when operating makes the intensity of the workforce decrease, but the efficiency of the work is improved. The working principle of this tool is that the round of the motor that passes through the pulley is carried out during the operation, then performed playback of the cone part and the shaft moves under the eccentric casing. This makes the distance of the cone crushing mantle close, until it enters the final stage which is the ongoing process against the destruction of ore carried out in the crushing chamber until it produces the final product of the desired size. Whereas if there is damaged material it will be disposed of immediately.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part II

Jaw Crusher
The high level of destruction is not only owned by Symons Cone Crusher and Spring Cone Crusher, but also owned by Jaw Crusher with a power motor that reaches 5.5 kw. Jaw Crusher is designed with a simple structure but has the ability to destroy various materials with <320Mpa compression power. The high reliability at the time of this tool's operation is also unquestionable because it has two series with different uses, namely PE and PEX until the formation of flatness to product size ratio. The function of the PE series is used during primary destruction, while the PEX series is used for secondary and smooth destruction.

The working system of this tool starts with moving the engine oeh motor. It then moves an eccentric shaft involving a motor wheel, a triangular belt, and a slot wheel. The movement aims to form a jaw plate that can be moved by movement in accordance with its previously arranged path. Thus, this destroyer can work to the maximum, where the material inside the crushing cavity starts from the fixed jaw plate, there is a jaw plate that can be moved, to the onsling and destruction. In addition, the tool is also very friendly to the cost of surgery and maintenance.

Impact Crusher
Like other destroyers, Impact Crusher also has expertise that can destroy all kinds of pressurized rocks < 350 Mpa. As for the good construction design of Impact Crusher is very influential to the efficiency of its performance and in fact the crusher with a power motor that reaches 45 kw has a high level of efficiency. In the process of destruction of marble, limestone, and granite there are 3 types of destruction that can be done as well as jaw crusher ranging from pimer destruction, secondary, and smooth. This crusher is more widely used for the production of sand, railways, building materials, and various other types of rocks in the industrial field.

Impact Crusher's working principle is very simple especially equipped with strong impact force, abrasion resistance, and high chrome hammer board making. Thus, it has a high level of reliability. The step by step process of destroying the material until it produces the final product is starting with the entry of the material into the hammer board, then getting into the material throwing stage into the impact device at a high speed. After that, the material is carried out to the scale board and immediately re-demolished until it becomes small pieces even granules. Thus, produce the final product that comes out of the collision destroyer and the size of the product will eventually match the specified.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sinounique: Cement Production Line Part I

Rotary Kiln
Rotary Kiln is a means of producing building materials in the form of cement. However, it is not limited to cement making. This tool is also capable of making chemicals and lime materials. With a machine production capacity of 180-10000t / hour, it is possible to work efficiently in the field. The cement produced by Rotary Kiln is available in wet cement and dry cement. The manufacture of lime kilns is usually used for steel mills and ferroalloy factories, in the steel factory the lime acts as a fuel.

Rotary Kilns are designed by Sinounique's engineers to work reliably, robustly and with less energy. The simple machine design also facilitates the maintenance and cleaning process of the machine.

Cement Mill
It is a cement factory made by the Sinounique company. This machine functions in the continued process of cement production after the crushing stage. The crushed cement will be ground by this machine. Thus, Cement Mill is widely used in the silicate cement industry which is supported by a motor power of 245 kw. Apart from that, it also has a machine production capacity of 6.5-8 (t / hour). One of the advantages of this machine lies in the various specifications the company offers. Allows to make it easier for consumers to determine their needs.

The working principle of this machine is to move the cylinder rotating by the transmission. Then the cylinder will also move the steel ball, when the steel ball reaches a certain height, the ball will fall due to gravity. Furthermore, the steel ball will be carried back again by the cylinder (it keeps repeating like that). So, it can grind the raw material effectively and together with the liner plate. In terms of features, the engine is equipped with full drive and middle drive as transmission. Designed with a flexible shape allows for easy repair and cleaning of the machine.

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part 1

Symons Cone Crusher
The availability of crushing tools for various types of rock and ore is very important in the industrial sector, especially in road construction, metallurgy and building materials. One of the superior crusher tools is the Symons Cone Crusher with a capacity of 45-91 t / h. This crusher is also widely used in chemical and silicate engineering with a very high crushing ability and a high level of efficiency. In addition, the Symons Cone Crusher has excellent performance as evidenced by its ability to withstand operation and its ability to crush product granularity.

This crusher is very friendly to operating and maintenance costs in addition to its high crushing capability. In its performance, there are several things that contribute to it, namely the construction design and the quality of the materials used. The working principle of the Symons Cone Crusher is starting from the moving eccentric bearing bushings, then the axis of the crushing cone swings until there is a distance between the mantle and the bowl liner which is sometimes close and several times far away. Until finally it can be done crushing the raw materials that have been pressed and hit.

Spring Cone Crusher
Spring Cone Crusher is one type of secondary crusher that is widely used in the mining world. This crusher has a capacity of up to 60-105 t / h and weighs about 11.2 t. Not only used in the mining sector, but this tool is also engaged in the chemical, metallurgical, building materials and other industries. Its strength which reaches 55 kw makes this tool has the ability to destroy various materials with high or medium hardness, ranging from iron stone, copper ore, and granite. In addition, crushing can also be used for limestone, quartz, and other types of rock using the Moh scale.

Good quality and guaranteed also lies in this crusher, because this machine has 3 types of crushing, namely secondary, medium and short-head. The friendliness in maintenance is also a plus for this machine which also affects the reduction of downtime. The working principle of this durable crusher in operation is starting from a spring cone that works by moving the eccentric bearing bushings. Then the axis of the crushing cone swings and a mantle is formed which is sometimes close to the tall liner and sometimes far away. Until entering the raw material crushing stage that occurs when it has gone through pressure and collision.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Powder Grinding Equipment Part V

Bucket Elevator
The bucket elevator is one of the straight conveyances used for metal and non-metal ores such as gravel, cement, bauxite, coal, and so on. This tool with a capacity of 6-46 m3 / h has an upward carrying capacity which is also applied to sand, gypsum, limestone and other granular materials. With its large capacity this tool is capable of having a long life even with relatively easy maintenance and operation. Equipped with good sealing on this tool, so that it can minimize pollution to the environment.

The working principle of the bucket elevator begins with the movement of circulation by the bucket when the motor is started, where the movement is carried out along the leg with a movement from bottom to top. Then the material enters the bucket which continues to the head of the lift and is discharged under the influence of gravity and centrifugal forces. Then the loop is repeated, such as when the bucket belt rotates around the head pulley (before the material enters the bucket), until the disposal of the materials at the bottom is lifted to a certain height. This is done so that the vertical lifting conditions can be met.

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder
In the world of mining and industry of course it will require electromagnetic vibrating feeders to complete certain projects. The main use of this tool is for the continuous feeding of powder, bulk material, lumps and granules. In addition, this tool has a controller that functions to accurately control the feed so that it can operate effectively and efficiently. This tool also has an important role in determining the performance of milling machines, screening equipment, conveyor belts, and the like.

Lubrication on a tool which has a capacity of 5-100 t / h is only required for certain parts. Not only engaged in industry and mining, this tool is also often used for building materials, ceramics, metallurgy, and other quantitative materials. The working principle of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is the principle of self-synchronization through the use of two eccentric vibration motors to form a 60˚ combined force. Then to remove the material from the tub, it is necessary to push through periodic vibrations so that it can feed granules, powders, and others to certain tools continuously.

Powder Grinding Equipment Part IV

DMC Pulse Dust Collector
DMC Pulse Dust Collector is a device used to capture solid particulates in gases, resulting in air purification and recovery of various industrial materials with the aim of preventing air pollution. High efficiency when cleaning is also a plus for this tool, with its capabilities similar to that of a dry dust remover. The percentage level of purification is very high, reaching more than 99% even for particles with a size larger than the sub-micro. Among the industrial materials that can be processed by this tool are carbon black, cement, metallurgy, mining, and others.

Users of this filter bag component have a working principle that is influenced by a fan, so that the dust collecting room can suck air along with air flow from the bottom. The speed of air flow also affects the dust collection process by classification, where large dust particles will go down while fine dust particles will be in the outer layer of the filter bag due to detention in that section. Until finally, dust particles will be exhausted, while the results of air purification will be discharged to the cleaning room.

Powder Classifier
This 1-80 t / h capacity powder separator is used to perform powder separation by predetermined air classifications. This tool uses low resistance so it is very efficient when collecting dust and is able to significantly improve the quality of the final product. Even the level of ability in the separation process reaches 85% -90% or it could be more than that. Like other dust collectors, it is capable of processing powder, cement, metallurgy, and others. It also offers a circuit milling system close to the ball mill. In addition, the finely adjusted and regulated motor speed can change the spindle speed.

The working principle of the Powder Classifier, namely the air classification with the ball mill which is carried out makes the ball mill capacity increase and produces the final product according to the desired material size, especially in the production of cement, sand, fly ash, and others. When operating, the transmission device has a vertical transmission shaft that rotates because the motor is regulated at high speed. Then there is a cone consisting of coarse powder and a powder pipe. Until the final product in the form of fine powder will enter through the cage rotor if you want, then end up in the fine powder collecting cone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Powder Grinding Equipment Part III

Grinding Ball Mill
There are so many milling tools produced by various companies with their respective advantages. One of the advantages that grinding machines usually have is its ability to save energy. One example is a grinding tool called the Grinding Ball Mill which can save energy by 30%. This Grinding Ball Mill is very suitable for use in silicate products, refractories, cement industry, and new building materials. Not only milling, but this tool is also capable of mixing raw materials for further processing. In addition, the engine with a capacity of 0.65-90 t / h is very friendly to operation and maintenance. 

The design designed for this type of milling machine is that the engine consists of a small drive gear, electronic control, and an electric engine. The working system of this machine starts from the milling, packaging, and transportation processes which are carried out in a powder mill. Then it is continued by grinding by the grit outlet until the formation of a closed system on this machine which is influenced by the air classification carried out. Then, the finished materials and coarse materials are obtained, provided that the coarse materials will be milled again, while the finished materials will proceed to the packaging stage.

Ceramic Ball Mill
The ability to save energy by 30% is not only owned by the Grinding Ball Mill, but also in Ceramic Ball Mill with minimum operating costs. Ceramic Ball Mill has the same capacity as the Grinding Ball Mill, which is 0.65-90 t / h. This tool has been widely used in the manufacturing industry, ranging from new building materials, cement, iron metal, glass ceramics, and so on. In addition, this tool also has a grinding medium to get different results, especially in its refinement.


The closed system is also a characteristic of this grinding machine, so that there is no dust emission pollution which can cause performance disturbances or make the operator uncomfortable. This tool is also designed with a feature that is free of iron impurities called ceramic balls. The work system that is owned by Ceramic Ball Mill is the same as the Grinding Ball Mill as a whole starting from the process in the powder milling plant, then entering the grit outlet, then to the air classification stage, to producing the finished product. In addition, the negative pressure when conveying the powder provides an efficient and effective performance.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sand Making Machine Part IV

Wheel Sand Washing Machine
Is a sand washing machine that is widely used in various sand washing industries. This machine is also able to assess the cleanliness of the sand being washed. It has an engine capacity of 30–160 t / hour and can be applied to various types of sand such as diabase sand, balsalt artificial sand, artificial sand, river sand and fine rock powder. Machine applications are also not limited to sand washing, machines can also be used in the industrial building materials industry or metallurgy. The sand machine made by Baichy is an XSD type sand washing machine.

The working principle of the XSD sand washer starts by inserting the sand material into the feed line, then the motor and reducer will move the impeller. The impeller will rotate and wash by taking water and sand through the filter filter. Furthermore, the material will exit through the impregnation channel and complete the cleaning process. Some of the advantages that can be found from the XSD sand washing machine are that it has a simple structure that facilitates the maintenance and operation process, then has a large working capacity but with little energy consumption.

Sand Recycling Machine
Is a sand recycling machine that functions in the extraction and recovery of fine sand. The machine has a function as a dryer and purifier, so it can minimize the loss of fine sand when processed. To support reliable work durability, this machine is equipped with an engine capacity of 50-300 m3 / hour. Sand recycling machines are widely used in the coal industry and other mining industries.

When working, this machine will send a mixture of water and sand to the hydrocyclone by a pump, then the fine sand and water will be separated so that a fine sand is pure. Meanwhile, other materials such as mud will be separated in the sink. The degree of fineness of the sand can be adjusted by adjusting the water overflow, pump speed, sinking mouth, and adjusting the consistency of the pulp. The sand recovery system consists of three processes consisting of assessment, dehydration, and cleaning. Baichy's sand recycling machine is equipped with a vibrating screen composed of a polyurethane screen fabric which is believed to have a longer life and durability.

Powder Grinding Equipment Part II

Raymond Mill
This Raymond Mill type grinding machine is highly recommended for use on various types of non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials which are supported by their high level of reliability. The other names for raymond mill are raymond grinder, raymond grinding mill, and raymond roller mill. In terms of its performance, this tool is able to grind mineral materials that are at humidity conditions <6%. This sophisticated technology tool has a capacity of 0.5-60 t / h designed with an electrical system that adopts centralized control so that the screening filter rate reaches 99%, and of course it is different from other grinding machines. In addition, adjustments can be made to the finish in the 0.613mm-0.044mm range.

The working principle of this tool can be adjusted to the needs of its users starting from the most important machine structure which consists of an analysis machine, a blower, a host, and plumbing fixtures. Then, the material is crushed with the size adjusted to the user's wishes until it enters the grinding room. After that, the analysis machine will sort the resulting blower based on the powder and air circulation. Furthermore, two results will be obtained between a quality powder and a material that is still coarse. As usual, a quality milled powder is called a finished product, while the material that is still coarse will be milled again.  

HGM Micro-Powder Grinding Mill
A grinding machine that has been done a lot of research certainly makes this machine more guaranteed in quality and quantity, especially for machines that have made improvements for the umpteenth time so as to create optimal performance. One such grinding machine is the HGM Micro-Powder Grinding Mill which is capable of producing very fine powders, even producing the smallest powder size of 2500 mesh. Even though it has a relatively moderate speed but its ability is extraordinary when compared to other machines. This three-ring micro powder machine with a capacity of 0.2-10 t / h has been researched and improved by 20 times, so there is nothing to worry about from this machine.

Safety and reliability are important points in all types of grinding machines, as this type of grinding machine is able to operate safely and has reliable grinding wheels, even the surrounding environment is protected with less pollution. The working principle requires a hummer crusher to convert the material into small particles until finally there is separation of the resulting powders. In addition, there is a purification process with the final result in the form of expelling air flow and fine powder through the fan and exhaust which is based on a pulse dust collector as the process. It should also be noted that the maker of this tool is Sweden which has also joined the excavation industry, even the country that is the leader of the milling industry today is the country itself.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Powder Grinding Equipment

YGM Grinding Mill
There are so many grinding machines that have been launched by various companies with different capacities, distinct advantages, different ways of using them, and different working systems. There are also grinding machines with high suspension, for example one of the Baichy company products called YGM Grinding Mill. This grinding tool with a capacity of 0.5-60 t / h is capable of grinding various types of materials with different hardness levels, in fact this tool is capable of grinding up to> 280 types of materials in building materials, moreover the Mohs hardness level <9.3 and the humidity percentage < 6%. Not to mention if it is used for chemical and mining engineering.

YGM Grinding Mill has the ability to produce dolomite, marble, coal, gypsum, etc., also has an excellent working principle with high pressure springs around 1000-1500 kg. It operates with a higher rolling pressure than Raymond's with 1.2 times different pressure even under the same power conditions. This grinding machine also has product fineness with a gap between the propeller and the shell so as to create stability as well as capacity. The results obtained as a final product are based on a series of working principles that have been carried out which are also supported by centrifugal force, namely in the form of a standard fine powder. In addition, some have to re-grind large items to complete.

MFW Grinding Mill
A grinding machine which has excellent adaptability and friendliness to the surrounding environment, it is rarely designed in other grinding machines. MFW Grinding Mill is unique in that it can recycle air and clean the surrounding dust until clean. The main task of this grinding machine is to process various types of mineral materials provided they are non-explosive and non-flammable. The use of this type of machine is suitable for use in the construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, and others with a strength of Moh < 6.

In a nutshell, the working principle of this grinding tool starts from crushing the material according to the jaw crusher. Then do the grinding between the ring and roller. Furthermore, there will be automatic selection of particles that have been milled, the results of this selection will be a finished product, but there will also be products that need to be recycled for reprocessing using a closed system. The use of this machine is also the same as the YGM Grinding Mill, which is widely used to produce dolomite, marble, limestone, gypsum, and others. Not only environmentally friendly, this tool is also friendly in terms of costs.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sand Making Machine Part III

Vertical Compound Crusher
Is a crusher with a machine capacity of 10-85 t / h which allows to process and make sand. Various stones that can be destroyed by this machine include andesite, gravel, diabase, limestone, basalt, granite, and others. Destruction of material can be started by inserting the material into an impeller that rotates at high speed vertically and produces centrifugal force at high speed. Thus, the material will be torn apart and destroyed into aggregate with the desired level of refinement. To control the aggregate smoothness, the machine is also equipped with an outer screen.

Vertical compound crusher has a high crushing capacity with adjustable usage levels. This engine can work optimally in the field with low fuel consumption. Then maintenance of the machine can be done easily and low cost.

Hammer Crusher
Hammer Crusher is a stone crusher that can be used in forming sand aggregates. With an engine capacity of 5–75 t / h, the crusher is capable of crushing rocks at soft, medium, to hard / very hard levels. Hammer crushers are designed to work with high production capacities, but with low power consumption. In terms of structure, the structure is made as simple as possible so that engine maintenance can be carried out easily. To support engine durability, the crusher is also equipped with a hammer that is resistant to high wear,

The working principle of the machine is done by moving the rotor by a motor in the crushing cavity. Destruction of the material begins by inserting the material into the food inlet, then the material will be crushed, cut, and destroyed by the hammer head at a very high speed. Next, the material with the desired level of refinement will be stored, while the material which has not reached its fineness level will be destroyed again by the hammer. The level of fineness of the aggregate can be changed by adjusting the lattice in the gap between the rotors. Some stones that can be crushed by this machine include glass, shell, calcite, limestone, soapstone, gypsum, and various other types of stones.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mobile Crusher Plant Part III

Mobile VSI Sand Making Plant
Is one of the effective and efficient mining tools with strength that can destroy various types of rocks such as granite, basalt, andesite, aluminum, and the like, even the hardest rocks can be destroyed with a strength of 400Mpa. Not only engaged in mining, but the crushing and filtering equipment is also very suitable for use in the infrastructure and construction industries. The change of raw materials into aggregates and the manufacture of highways, trains, and buildings with good quality sand material are the main uses of this mobile.

The working principle of this shredder is the installation of infrastructure with a well-coordinated time so that it does not require too much time in the process, even though it requires complex labor. The engine with a capacity of 80-350 t / h in carrying out its work requires conveyor belts, hoppers, VSI sand makers, and also shaking screens which are the needs of several other shredders. In addition, this mobile work system is the same as a mobile jaw crusher which has a different demolition process. Another advantage of this machine is that it has power in the form of a diesel or electric generator set.

Mobile Concrete Crushing Plant
Is a mobile destroyer of various types of construction waste with the number of workers that is not too much so that the operating costs are quite friendly. The reliability of this type of mobile is to use an all in one car engine consisting of crushing, bribery, and filtering machines so that everything runs automatically. The main function of this machine is to destroy construction and building waste, to produce sand and aggregate. Not only that, this tool also has similarities with most other shredder, one of which is the ease when moving it from one place to another without any obstacles.

The working principle of this type of mobile that is preceded by solving the construction waste by using a heavy hammer, then carried out the filtering until the selection of rocks resulting from the destruction and filtering. The principle that has been widely applied in many shredders is also applied to this tool, ie quality results will be further processed. Meanwhile, those who are not qualified will immediately be destroyed again to obtain maximum results to become the highest quality finished goods. The further process is in the form of cleaning, splintering of wood chips, and removal of iron.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Stone Crushing Machine Part III

Vibrating Feeder
Is a stone material crusher that is still rough in the metallurgical and mining industries. Not only to destroy materials, this machine can also filter the results of materials that are processed / destroyed. With an engine capacity of 80-800 t / hour it is possible to work for longer periods. Crusher can destroy material that is continuously loaded into the machine thanks to the automatic control technology,

At work the engine power can be optimized, but with low fuel consumption. Then the machine will work with low noise and smooth operation. In terms of control, this machine is very easy to use because it has a simple structure. The operator can also easily control the crushing capacity without having to start the motor again. Noise on the engine can also be minimized thanks to stable engine vibration and long working durability. In addition, in terms of maintenance, this crusher is easy to clean and requires low maintenance costs.

Circular Vibrating Screen
Is a material shredder that is widely used to smooth various types of stones such as andesite, basalt, limestone, gravel, diabase, and others. When working, this machine destroys material with eccentric blocks driven by motors. The eccentric block will rotate at high speed and produce a large centrifugal force in circular motion. Then the final product material will be immediately classified by the machine according to the level of fineness.

In terms of engine, this crusher has an engine capacity of 30-850 t / hour. You can find many advantages in this crusher. Starting from a stable machine, large working capacity, sifting material with high frequency, high filtering efficiency, low machine vibration noise, can classify products with a circular vibrating screen, then requires low and easy maintenance costs.

Mobile Crusher Plant Part II

Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
Mobile jaw crusher plant is a mobile stone crushing powered from 10-450 t / h which is very effective and efficient and can be used in various crushing and screening industries. Starting from urban or building construction, ore mining, metallurgy, and so forth. This tool is an amalgamation of filtering, stone crushing, and feeder tools. In addition, granular materials such as gravel, sand, and the like or also called "aggregates" can be produced by this tool. Not only producing, but this tool is also able to recycle various types of construction waste.

This stone shredder has a different working system in accordance with its requirements, so it is divided into two processes namely the first crushing and the second screening, or the opposite applies namely the first filtering and the second crushing. There are also types of this mobile namely a two-stage system which includes primary and secondary crushing, and a three-stage system covering primary, secondary and tertiary. This type of mobile crusher is assembled based on different requirements. The strong structure makes this mobile jaw crusher easily moved from one location to another.

Mobile Impact Crusher Plant
The flexible configuration of a crusher is usually owned by various types of mobile crushers, one of which is a mobile impact crusher plant that has exceptional adaptability with an energy of 10-180 t / hr. The cost of this mobile is high because it includes an unlimited environment and has high strength to destroy the hardest stones (400Mpa). Besides acting as a hard stone crusher, the mobile impact crusher plant is also the same as other types of mobile crusher plants that are capable of producing aggregate and recycling construction waste, even this machine is capable of destroying tunnels and outdoor mining.

Equipment needed by the mobile impact crusher plant to operate smoothly, quickly, precisely on demand include impact crushers, vibrating feeders and screens, jaw crushers, and folding belt conveyors. The work system begins with the use of an excavator to process raw materials that have been added to the feeder, then the primary crushing is done by breaking the jaw stone, then the secondary is demolished, then finally qualified to obtain quality material as a finished product. All of these processes are of course adapted to customer demand, especially if customer demand is of a high standard so more complete equipment is needed such as a sand making machine, dust removal, and cone crusher.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sand Making Machine Part II

High-efficiency Fine Crusher
Is a sand shredder that is usually made as cement material. Produces fine sand crushing with low and efficient operational costs. Crusher has a machine with a capacity of 20-270 t / hour. In addition to sand, this crusher is also capable of destroying other materials such as andesite, basalt, limestone, gravel, and granite. Crusher has become one of the company's superior products with a high level of trust and use by consumers

To get the optimal level of crushing, it starts from a good crushing room and easy-to-get spare parts. The hammer is designed with quality materials consisting of titanium and tungsten alloys, all materials used have high wear resistance. Thus, it can extend the life of the crusher. The company's engineers work hard to produce machines with high and reliable technology. The crusher has a feeding size of 120mm-200mm which allows for greater work capacity. In crushing the material, this crusher does not require a third demolition, which makes it possible to work independently. In terms of structure it is also simple. Making it easier work operations and maintenance costs.

Double Roller Crusher
Is a type of secondary crushers with medium to soft fineness for various types of rocks such as limestone, coke, coal, brick, granite, clinker, and other types of rock. Supported with engine capacity of 10-85 t / hour. The principle works by destroying the material with two strong spinning reels. Material enters through the mouth of food and exits through engine exhaust. If there is material that is too hard and difficult to destroy, then the material will automatically be removed. So, it can prevent engine damage.

Roller Crusher is designed with various components that are resistant to wear with copper alloys. Thus, the engine becomes durable and durable. One of the advantages of the machine is the scraper feature without a motor that can eliminate materials with too high a water content. The machine also can-do flat rollers or toothed rollers. So, it can be adjusted to the conditions in the field.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Stone Crushing Machine Part II

Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a stone shredder developed by the company's engineers for more than 20 years. Of course, it aims to produce a reliable, efficient, and economical shredder. Thus, greater profit results are obtained. The capacity of the machine used is 40-600 t / hour, support for various types of stone materials such as round stone, quartzite, granite, sandstone, iron ore, and others. It is suitable for those of you who work in the mining industry, bridge construction, road construction, building construction, metallurgical industry, and so forth.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher has a working principle that is supported by a variety of main features of the crusher consisting of the main shaft, frame, transmission device, cone and mantle, hydraulic pressure station, springs, bowl-shaped bearings, and eccentric shafts. Each component has a different function when working. Thus, stable, and efficient engine performance can be achieved in fuel consumption. In addition, the hydraulic system used can facilitate the opening of the use and better maintenance.

Heavy hammer crusher
Heavy hammer crusher is one of the shredders made by Baichy with a fairly large size. This crusher is designed with an alloy composite hammer that can reduce production costs by up to 35%. The machine has a capacity of 100-800 t / hour which can destroy even large stones. Both types of gypsum, tile, brick, coal, alum, salt, and various other types of stone. The working principle of this machine is to move the rotor in the crushing cavity by the motor. Then the hammer will spin very fast and destroy the incoming material, so that the material is produced at the desired level of refinement.

Heavy hammer crusher has a larger size than other types of stone crusher. Thus, it has a greater work capacity as well. However, with low energy consumption. In terms of design, this machine is designed with a simple structure to facilitate the maintenance process and its operation. The existence of a scar design also makes the machine avoid the risk of clogging wet soil material.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Mobile Crusher Plant Part I

Mobile Crush and Screen Plant
Mobile Crush and Screen Plant is a mobile crushing and sceerning material that is very suitable for use in areas with a small scope and in accordance with work that moves in certain fields. This tool is able to work in the fields of mining, road and building construction, batching plants, trains, excavations, highways, and others. In addition, this type of mobile crusher plant is an amalgamation of primary crusher, secondary crusher, feeder and vibrating screen. This combination is one of the reasons behind the many applications of this tool, so that two models were made with the first model MF1010E46 measuring 14700x2400x4150 (mm) and the second model MB900E57 measuring 17000x2500x4300 (mm).

The working system used by this tool is circulation crushing-screening-crushing. The working principle is starting from the jaw crusher which acts as a primary destroyer of the material to be processed, then the material is moved to the vibrating screen for screening. Then enter the breaking stage to produce finished materials with output to the main conveyor belt for continued filtering. The attraction of this mobile crush and screen plant is the cost of transportation of raw materials that are economical, fast installation, and flexible configuration. In addition, the combination of primary and secondary shredder and filtering machines becomes a selling point with its own appeal.

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant
The Mobile Cone Crushing Plant is one of the most powerful crushing machines with an efficient and environmentally unlimited project planning offering, so of course this tool requires a relatively high cost to run in accordance with its objectives. This tool is able to drive to surface locations that are difficult to access because these tools are assembled for road transportation. In addition, this tool is also capable of producing cement and aggregates. Not only producing, but this tool is also not inferior to other crushing machines because it is capable of destroying hard rock, mining, tunnels, and recycling construction waste.

This crusher turned out to involve excavators in principle working to put raw materials into the feeder. Then the primary destruction of the material has been sent to jaw stone crushing. After the stone material is crushed, it enters the secondary crusher stage so that it can be sent to the vibrating screen for separation based on qualifications to obtain quality and non-quality materials. The final product is derived from quality materials, while recrusing on stone crushing comes from non-quality products. As for some of the advantages of this tool that is capable of destroying the hardest stones 400Mpa due to its high strength and high standard steel structure, adaptability, flexible configuration, and automatic lubrication system. If the project is planned to move to destroy different objects, then this tool is the solution.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Stone Crushing Machine Part I

Symons Cone Crusher
Symons Cone Crusher is a crusher of various types of stone in the form of metal or non-metal stones. This crusher is powered by a machine that has a capacity of 20-800 t / hour. The Baichy Company strives to make efficient, reliable, and low-cost stone crushing machines. So that appears Symons Cone Crusher. Various stones that can be destroyed by this machine include basalt, limestone, sandstone, iron ore, gravel, granite, and various other types of stones. Symons Cone Crusher has a high production capacity, is easy to operate, and requires low and easy maintenance costs.

Symons Cone Crusher has a main frame consisting of eccentric shafts, transmission devices (pinion, gear, countershaft bushings, and countershaft), bowl-shaped bearings, hydraulic pressure stations, cones, frames, coats, springs, and main shafts. In the transmission device there are gears that have high precision and strength. So, we get a powerful equipment operation. The existence of a hydraulic pressure station functions in regulating the release opening. The main shaft is made of chrome molybdenum steel which is very hard and has a large diameter. The engine can also work optimally thanks to the strong socket liner and its resistance to breaking loads. So that engine performance can be maximized and efficient.

Spring Cone Crusher
Spring Cone Crusher is a stone shredder made by Baichy which can be used on various types of stones such as granite, limestone, sandstone, limestone, copper, iron ore, and other types of stone. This machine acts as a secondary / tertiary crusher, meaning that it is a further crushing tool of the primary crusher, with moderate to high crushing power. To support performance in the field, this crusher has an engine capacity of 5-1000 t / hr which can work reliably, efficiently, and economically. Spring Cone Crusher works by squeezing or compacting the material between concave and convex surfaces to make the material destroyed. Crusher is also equipped with a cone that can adjust the desired level of material smoothness.

Spring cone crusher is claimed to be better than jaw crusher because it already uses a moving cone and a fixed cone as a regulator of fineness. The output of the destroyed material can also be adjusted as desired. Cone Crusher is designed with a simple structure and performance optimization. However, it has a very efficient fuel consumption. Machine maintenance is also cheap and easy to do. The use of cone crushers is very suitable for various constructions such as building houses, roads, engineering, and so on.

Sand Making Machine Part I

VSI Sand Making Machine
VSI Machine is a machine that can be used in various building projects such as concrete manufacturing, sand aggregate, and the mining industry. However, it is not only limited to that, this machine is also suitable for making asphalt concrete for road surfaces, railroad tracks, bridges, and airports. In addition, the advantage of the machine is being able to make quartz sand as a raw material for glass and other high purity materials. To support performance while working, this machine has a power capacity of 60-600 t / hour. Thus, it has reliable work durability and resilience in the field.

The working principle of the machine by providing high-speed friction between materials to destroy each other. Thus, finer aggregates can be produced. The company's engineers strive to design sand processing machines that are efficient in energy consumption, easy-to-get parts, easy maintenance of hydraulic systems, flexible machine shapes, control systems and automatic lubricants. So, the answer is in the VSI Sand Making Machine, its quality and performance have been proven.

Screw Sand Washing Machine
Screw Sand washer is a machine that functions in separating sand with other garbage particles. Thus, pure fine sand is produced and ready for use for various purposes. The principle works by pushing sand from the input to the output of the exhaust engine. However, when the impulse process occurs, various particles other than sand are separated. Thus, only sand material can be released, while waste material will come out through the overflowing part. In terms of engine, the Screw Sand Washer is powered by a capacity of 6-400 tph, to support performance while operating.

Applications for the use of Screw Sand Washer are widely used in building construction. However, it is also suitable for extracting various wastes in other industrial sectors. Usually the use of this machine is used after the sand material has been destroyed by the VSI Sand Making Machine. Some of the advantages of using a Screw Sand Washer include efficient fuel consumption, easy maintenance / cleaning of the engine, use of wear plates that can minimize costs, then there is a system to control sand loss.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Mobile Crawler Jaw Crusher

Mobile Crawler Jaw Crusher is a crushing machine commonly used in mining areas to destroy various aggregates such as sand, rock, and other aggregate / waste crushing. However, its use is not only limited to the mining and metallurgical industries, the shredder can also be used in the building construction industry or the like. This machine carries out primary (coarse) aggregate crushing, so re-crushing (secondary) aggregates are needed to obtain the desired level of fineness. Mobile Jaw Crusher is equipped with intelligent engine control, easy to move, and efficient use of fuel. When working, the machine has a processing capacity of 90t / hour ~ 250t / hour, then the machine is powered by a hydraulic system with compressive strength lower than 320Mpa.

ACE Group engineers strive to produce a shredder that is effective and can meet the needs of every client. Reliable crushing jaws combined with a good and tight strung system. In general, this shredder has main components consisting of a Food Unit, Manhole, Jaw Crusher, Control Screen, Maintenance Platform, Belt Conveyor, Remote Control, and Strickland Track. The maintenance platform is made to facilitate the maintenance and inspection process, then to get access to the crusher and powerpack.

In addition to being effective and efficient, this shredder also has many other advantages including: a) special cavities, smaller locking angles, greater strokes, less energy consumption, b) easy replacement of parts, strong modular structure, service time longer, shock resistant, c) reliable and stable performance, optimized moving jaw assembly, machining based on elemental analysis, d) drive motor integrated to the main frame, smaller and more flexible engine size, e) destroying uniform aggregates, ratios large crushing, f) track-mounted, self-propelled, fast mobilization, intelligent wireless controller, g) Cummins diesel engine, well-known main device, and so on.